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  • £4.87

    Beartender Lemon Purée 480g

    Sourced in the Conca d’Oro in the bay of Palermo, Sicily. A fresh sourness without tartness! The Lemon adds beautiful freshness to your drinks. Beartender Lemons are grown in all calmness, with the typical southern mentality, near the mediterranean sea in the south of Italy. No added sugars or additives! SIZE: 480g
  • £4.62

    Beartender Lime Purée 480g

    Made with Key & Persian Limes: The Key Lime is small and sweet and is sourced in Mexico. The Persian Lime is a seedless lime introduced by the Spanish and Portuguese in the New World. No added sugar or additives! Our lime juice has a full lime taste with no bitter tones. The bitterness, caused by the oils in the lime skin, is removed by our gentle peeling process. SIZE: 480g
  • £5.16

    Beartender Mango Purée 480g

    Rich and creamy, naturally high brix. Distinct tropical fruit flavours. Works well in tropical cocktails and bellinis. You can identify creamy, rich tropical tones. No added sugar or additives! The Alphonso Mango from the coastline of Goa, Western India is considered as the most superior mango variety. It is famous for its sweetness, saffron golden colour and creamy texture. Made with the most expensive and exclusive mango cultivated, with a limited quantity each year. SIZE: 480g
  • £5.59

    Beartender Seabuckthrown Purée 480g

    Bright orange colour. Refreshing unique, creamy honey taste that works in both sweet and savoury drinks. You can identify a beautiful burst of citrus and exotic fruit. No added sugar or additives! A superfruit, packed with anti-oxidants and nutrients, in particular, Vitamin C and E. The berries have an intense orange colour & grow in the coastal areas of Northern Europe across to northwestern Mongolia and northwestern China. Pressed to perfection. SIZE: 480g
  • £4.56

    Beartender Strawberry Purée 480g

    The Senga Strawberry has a deep intense flavour and is very aromatic. Deep red colour on the inside, which will give your strawberry cocktails an intense shade of red. No added sugar or additives! Works well in mules & fruity kind of drinks. SIZE: 480g