Bivrost Nordic Box Set – 6x50cl

Bivrost Nordic Box Set – 6x50cl


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Handcrafted under the glow of the Northern lights, at the foot of the majestic Lyngen Alps, at 69N. This fantastic box set showcases Bivrost’s amazing Arctic range, consisting of:

2 x Bivrost Nidavellir Single Malt Whisky 50cl – The second of the nine Norse worlds Aurora Spirits have released upon the world! A very well balanced and absolutely delicious whisky. Sweet delicate smoke combines perfectly with vanilla, almonds and maraschino cherries to make for a very special whisky. ABV: 46.0%

1 x Bivrost Arctic Gin 50cl – A small batch production of a premium strength gin. Wonderfully clean and fresh throughout, possessing an elegant balance. A soft mouthfeel with delicate sweet berry fruitiness, leading to a cleansing peppery spiced finish, with a long berry aftertaste. Classic juniper with a distinct Nordic Edge. ABV: 44.0%

1 x Bivrost Vodka 50cl – Distilled in 14 stages, to create perhaps the purest Arctic spirit. A slow unhurried distillation of grain spirit produces an extra smooth vodka blended with glacial meltwater. ABV: 40.0%

1 x Bivrost Aquavit 50cl – A Norwegian potato-based spirit, slowly distilled with an infusion of Arctic herbs and spices including caraway, coriander, fennel, star anise, orange peel and blended with glacial melt-water. ABV: 40.0%

1 x Bivrost Cask Aquavit 50cl – A delicate and sophisticated medium-to-full body aquavit, smooth, luscious, rich with hints of dried fruits and citrus with a distinct warming spicy finish. ABV: 40.0%

Customers are only permitted to be either 1 Bivrost Nidavellir 50cl bottle or 1 Bivrost Nordic Box Set.


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