Free From IPA 330ml

Free From IPA 330ml


This golden IPA uses “planet” pale ale malts and Pilgrim, Cascade, Crystal, Citra and Target hops.

American hops provide a medley of fruit bouquets. The immediate impression is lime, pineapple and pink grapefruit which after swirling reveal softer mango and passion fruit notes.

A powerful blast of juicy fruit flavours led by dry hopping with the big hitting Citra variety with it’s characteristic mango, lime and passion fruit notes. This is married with English Target hops whose piney notes help to cleanse the taste buds. The muscular modern IPA bitterness is balanced by the softer, sweeter contribution of the US variety Crystal in the kettle giving a hint of tangerine. The palate is full and mouth tingling. Full flavoured in the contemporary style with depth and balance to boot.

ABV: 4.8%
SIZE: 330ml

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