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  • £2.14

    Blue Roll Centre Feed Towel 150ml

    Blue roll is ideal for use in commercial and domestic kitchens. This pack is perfect for wiping up spills, cleaning surfaces and drying hands - thanks to the thick and absorbent 2-ply material. SIZE/ROLL LENGTH: 150m
  • £3.99

    Bulky Soft White Napkins (4-Fold) x100

    40x40cm 2PLY BulkySoft Napkins/Serviettes. These tissue napkins are of the highest quality, with premium packaging throughout in a range of rich colours to enhance any table setting. Each packet contains 100 Napkins. SIZE: 100 Napkins
  • £3.75

    Nicky Super Lemon Kitchen Towel Maxi Rolls x 2pcs

    Nicky Lemon has become SUPER LEMON! SUPER roll, SUPER height, SUPER sheet and SUPER quality! It continues to have the popular lemon scent, leaving your kitchen with a fresh aroma all day long. It has extra large sheets, which help the roll last longer and to cover a larger area. Each roll consists of 300 sheets. SIZE: 2 Rolls
  • £1.60

    Nicky Talent Kitchen Towel 2ply x4

    In Nicky Kitchen Roll each towel is 2 ply thick and does not tear apart easily. Nicky Talent Kitchen Roll has a high liquid soaking power which makes it an efficient cleaner. The perfect solution to clean dirt, grime, stains, and liquid spills to keep your kitchen surfaces neat and clean. With 4 rolls per pack lasts for a long time and you do not run out of this super absorbent more frequently. 46 Sheets per Roll. SIZE: 4 Rolls