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  • £44.89

    Patrón Silver Tequila 70cl

    An amazing white spirit made from the finest Weber Blue Agave. This crystal clear tequila possesses fruity and citrus aromas with a smooth and sweet taste. The finish is slightly peppery. SIZE: 700ml ABV: 40.0% COUNTRY: Mexico
  • £120.99

    Xiaman Mezcal 70cl

    Crafted with an art handed down by five generations, this wild agave blend mezcal is a gift from ancient times. Sweet, aromatic and smokey, authentic, yet elegant: Xiaman Mezcal will appeal to all your senses. Xiaman Mezcal, dedicated to detail and quality, is an ensemble blend of two equal parts of agaves, Tepextate and Espadín, and thus provides a perfect balance between the complex flavours of the Tepextate agave and the rich aromas from mature Espadin. SIZE: 700ml ABV: 44.0% COUNTRY: Mexico