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  • £49.95

    GastroGin Gin & Jonnie 70cl

    The first gastronomic gin. When 2 companies - Jonnie Boer, winner of 5 Michelin Stars, and Onder de Boompjes Distillery - with shared passions about ingredients meet, beautiful things happen. A gin to challenge your palate. In pursuit of a gin that would captivate Jonnie Boer's favourite flavours, ones that are fresh, real and genuine, it led to a culmination of an exquisite and daring mix of 5 types of pepper sourced in every corner of the world, carefully blended with 4 types of citrus and local fennel. All this based on a solid mix of gin-style botanicals. The flavour is citrus at the start, directly followed by pepper. The aftertaste will leave you with a mouthful of sweet fennels. SIZE: 700ml ABV: 45.0% COUNTRY: Holland
  • £44.95

    Sylvius Gin 70cl

    The Chameleon. Sylvius Gin, made with an excruciating eye for detail, adapts to your chosen drink revealing all kinds of new flavours. A very distinctive taste. Onder de Boompjes uses fresh citrus and herbs rather than dried botanicals as well as painstakingly peeling tons of oranges themselves to ensure maximum freshness. Upon tasting, Sylvius displays hints of anise, cinnamon on a sturdy basis of proper gin. Taste is neat with notes of citrus and lavender. SIZE: 700ml ABV: 45.0% COUNTRY: Holland