GastroGin Gin & Jonnie 70cl

GastroGin Gin & Jonnie 70cl


The first gastronomic gin. When 2 companies – Jonnie Boer, winner of 5 Michelin Stars, and Onder de Boompjes Distillery – with shared passions about ingredients meet, beautiful things happen.

A gin to challenge your palate. In pursuit of a gin that would captivate Jonnie Boer’s favourite flavours, ones that are fresh, real and genuine, it led to a culmination of an exquisite and daring mix of 5 types of pepper sourced in every corner of the world, carefully blended with 4 types of citrus and local fennel. All this based on a solid mix of gin-style botanicals.

The flavour is citrus at the start, directly followed by pepper. The aftertaste will leave you with a mouthful of sweet fennels.

SIZE: 700ml
ABV: 45.0%
COUNTRY: Holland

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