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  • £16.99

    Captain Morgan Dark Rum 70cl

    The Captain's Dark Rum isn't just any old seafarer's beverage. This sumptuous and smooth rum with the heritage of Jamaica at its heart. Intensely deep and rich taste, with a smoky cask finish. A premium blend of five rum marques from three different Caribbean countries, creating rich complexity of flavour. Full-bodied with caramel and vanilla notes aged for at least two years in charred oak barrels. ABV: 40.0% SIZE: 700ml COUNTRY: Jamaica
  • £17.99

    Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold Rum 70cl

    The Captain has long been sailing the seas with one flag hoisted up for the world to see. The real figurehead of his fleet - his Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold. Notes of rich vanilla, brown sugar, dried fruit, warming spices with hints of oak, come together to create a perfectly balanced spirit with a smooth finish. ABV: 35.0% SIZE: 700ml COUNTRY: Jamaica