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  • £31.95

    Bivrost Aquavit 50cl

    Bivrost Aquavit is a Norwegian potato-based spirit, slowly distilled with an infusion of Arctic herbs and spices including caraway, coriander, fennel, star anise, orange peel and blended with glacial melt-water. A young, clear spirit infused with exotic spiced, created with a fusion of modern and traditional Norwegian distilling techniques. Classic with an Arctic twist. SIZE: 500ml ABV: 40.0% COUNTRY: Norway
  • £33.95

    Bivrost Cask Aquavit 50cl

    Bivrost Cask Aquavit is a delicate and sophisticated medium-to-full body aquavit, smooth, luscious, rich with hints of dried fruits and citrus with a distinct warming spicy finish. Matured in Aurora Spirit's extensive underground storage vaults which were previously part of a network of tunnels in a cold water NATO base. SIZE: 500ml ABV: 40.0% COUNTRY: Norway