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    Stroh Inländer ’40’ 70cl

    Stroh Inländer symbolises Austrian tradition, taste and delight. Stroh 40 Rum is a spicy dark rum made in Austria since 1832. Huge caramel and spice notes. Treacle, molasses and nutmeg. Possesses a long finish with cinnamon, vanilla and mixed nuts. ABV: 40.0% SIZE: 700ml COUNTRY: Austria
    £23.99 £22.95
    £23.99 £22.95
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    Stroh Inländer ’80’ 50cl

    Stroh 80 is an intense, fiery spiced rum from Austria, made with all kinds of spice extracts and essences. It is worth trying in warming hot chocolates, or in spicy cocktails such as the Jagertee. ABV: 80.0% SIZE: 500ml COUNTRY: Austria