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  • £31.95

    Bivrost Aquavit 50cl

    Bivrost Aquavit is a Norwegian potato-based spirit, slowly distilled with an infusion of Arctic herbs and spices including caraway, coriander, fennel, star anise, orange peel and blended with glacial melt-water. A young, clear spirit infused with exotic spiced, created with a fusion of modern and traditional Norwegian distilling techniques. Classic with an Arctic twist. SIZE: 500ml ABV: 40.0% COUNTRY: Norway
  • £33.95

    Bivrost Cask Aquavit 50cl

    Bivrost Cask Aquavit is a delicate and sophisticated medium-to-full body aquavit, smooth, luscious, rich with hints of dried fruits and citrus with a distinct warming spicy finish. Matured in Aurora Spirit's extensive underground storage vaults which were previously part of a network of tunnels in a cold water NATO base. SIZE: 500ml ABV: 40.0% COUNTRY: Norway
  • £21.99

    Mancino Chinato Vermouth 50ml

    Giancarlo?s hybrid of the three Mancino Vermouths, Secco, Bianco and Rosso centered on Erede di Chiappone Armando Barbera d?Asti D.O.C.G, with added pure quinine bark Calissaja, has roused a new tier of Vermouth. With the instinctive grand recognition of Mancino, it lingers on a rich, deep, red, bitter wine pallet, tailoring the Chinato a notable digestive/aperitif. SIZE: 500ml