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    Ultimate Manhattan Cocktail Box Set

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    Receive a free cocktail mixing spoon and Martini glass! A Twist on a Classic - Inspired by the historical classic Sweet Manhattan and represented on modern version. Angostura Bitter and Sweet Vermouth are replaced by Mancino Vermouth Chinato, a full body Vermouth (Barbera D.O.C.G) with an extra dose of quinine. Complex and full body is combined with Rebel Yell Rye, round and fresh is a great match for the ultimate Manhattan. By Pietro Rizzo (European Ambassador Mancino Vermouth) and Michele Reina (Eropean Ambassador Rebel Yell) How to Make the Ultimate Manhattan: STEP 1. Get a mixing Jar (any big Jam Jar would work) STEP 2. Add 25ml Mancino Vermouth Chinato and 50ml Rebel Yell Rye STEP 3 Add Ice and stir. For 1 minute. STEP 4 Strain your Drink in a chill Martini Glass (Chill your glass in the freezer) STEP 5. Garnish your drink with a cherry and orange zest.
    £58.99 £56.99
    £58.99 £56.99