Fabbri Spherology Form 900g

Fabbri Spherology Form 900g


Fabbri revolutionizes the world of bartending with its ­innovative trilogy in 3 different sizes: Solid Cocktails, for tasting every drink specialty in the form of a dazzling ­jelly; Spherology, which transforms drinks and cocktails into spheres with a liquid heart; Air&Velvet to create delicious impalpable structures, soft and foamy (air) or dense and compact (velvet) that melt in your mouth, leaving all their flavours intact.

Spherification is a molecular gastronomy technique made famous by the Spanish chef Ferran Adrià. This technique uses the reaction of liquids mixed with alginates, which are natural extracts of algae, soaked in solutions of calcium, which is a salt, with the aim of creating “ravioli” or “caviar” (small balls) that have a rigid texture on the outside and liquid on the inside.

The MIX is to be mixed with the main product to be spherified, the FORM to be mixed with water for the preparation of the “Spherification Bath”.

DOSAGE: 40ml product + 500ml Water

SIZE: 900g

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